About us



You don’t last in the real estate business as long as Honor Baxter has without understanding the importance of moving with the times. That’s why Honor Baxter Real Estate has taken the big step of being among the few who have embraced the future and done away with the shop front, replacing the old way with a revamped and technology savvy web site and ‘agent on the move’ work practice.


After operating for 16 years, Honor Baxter has built a reputation of respect and empathy in the community and in the industry for being a leader in her field and working tirelessly for both vendors and landlords.


Honor Baxter Real Estate is an independent agent. This means you are actually dealing with the principal who has the power and experience to ensure your property is being handled to ensure an optimal result. It will also save you money. No franchise fees or agency branding advertising means the saving is passed on to the client.



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