Interview: Honor Baxter Moving With The Times


You don’t last in the real estate business as long as Honor Baxter has without understanding the importance of moving with the times. That’s why Honor Baxter Real Estate has taken the big step of being among the few who have embraced the future and done away with the shop front, replacing the old way with a revamped and technology savvy web site and ‘agent on the move’ work practice.


After operating for 16 years, Honor Baxter has built a reputation of respect in the community and in the industry for being a leader in her field and working tirelessly for both vendors and landlords.


 “When the World Wide Web was launched 20 years ago little was known about the technology and even less about the possibilities it would bring in the years to come,” says Honor. “Now the majority of people who are seeking to buy real estate browse property on the internet. Why not? You can do it in your own time in the comfort of your lounge room. You can get information about the property, pictures, often a virtual tour; you can even put in an offer and sign a contract. No need to go to the real estate office.”


With this in mind, Honor does realise that not everyone is comfortable buying real estate quite so hands free so she still understands the importance of seeing the property first but says there is no need for a shop front any more.


 “Making it even easier was the emergence of email in 1996 that offered users an online email account that changed the way messages, letters and even contracts and documents were instantly communicated. Internet banking means deposits can be paid directly to the agent’s Trust Account. No waiting for a cheque to arrive or to clear. Who would have thought that you could bid on a property in Australia from the other side of the world, and get an instant reply?“ says Honor. “By 2000 social networking was taking off with the help of Apples i Tunes and Napstar. Then Skype offered the possibility of videoconferencing. Now you can have a meeting with everyone involved in a real estate transaction no matter where each party is.”   


Honor says the biggest breakthrough was the combination of mobile phones and the internet.


“This really changed the way we search for real estate. It is so convenient. Now you can be talking to the agent while you are looking at the property either viewing pictures on your phone or tablet or in front of the property. Already there are 1.9 billion smart phones being used and it is suggested that in 5 years time there will be 6 billion. The mobile device technology is the future of real estate and of the commercial world; and for the client wanting to sell this mobile agent is able to give a higher and faster level of service that is more cost efficient and therefore saving the client money. No franchise fees also help keep the fees down.”


You can contact Honor best by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile 0418 148 468.